In the heart of Amsterdam, Dorina van der Graaff, the founder of Memory of Box, brings together creativity, artistry, and a love for history. As an entrepreneur, artist and art historian, Dorina started Memory of Box to capture special moments in beautifully crafted boxes. Her studio in the city center is a creative haven, seamlessly fusing timeless charm with her passion for art.

The Memory of Box collection is her way of saying 'thank you' to Dutch renowned artists. Dorina turns their amazing artworks into unique gift sets. These gifts are more than just pretty things; they're like taking a piece of a museum home with you. 

Dorina's vision extends globally. Although she began with Dutch renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Mondrian, or the beautiful Delft Blue Art ware from the Rijksmuseum Collection, her ambition is to craft Memory of Boxes that capture the artistic essence of renowned artists worldwide, spanning various periods in history. From the brilliance of the Dutch masters to celebrated artists across the ages, Dorina aspires to curate unique and meaningful gift sets that showcase the diversity and richness of our global artistic heritage.

What makes Memory of Box extra special is how Dorina works with museums. She collaborates with them to make special gift sets. So, when you buy a Memory of Box, you're not just getting a cool gift, you're also supporting museums. It's like bringing a bit of the museum magic into your life and home.

As Dorina continues her journey, she invites everyone to join in. Whether you're a art lover, fan of museums or just looking for something unique, Memory of Box is about sharing stories and joy.

Welcome to Memory of Box, where every box is a piece of art waiting to be shared. 

Founder & CEO Dorina van der Graaff/ www.memoryofbox.com
With Love,
Dorina van der Graaff
Memory of Box 
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