"The beloved, iconic Dutch Kissing Couple."

The "Old Dutch Kissing Couple" is a famous and iconic image that is often associated with Dutch culture and traditions. This image is typically found on decorative tiles, porcelain figurines, and other collectible items. Here's some information about the "Old Dutch Kissing Couple":

Depiction: The Old Dutch Kissing Couple typically features a man and a woman dressed in traditional Dutch attire from the 17th or 18th century. They are often shown in a loving embrace, sharing a kiss. The woman is usually wearing a bonnet and a dress with an apron, while the man wears clothing reflective of historical Dutch fashion.

Symbolism: The image of the Kissing Couple is symbolic of love, affection, and romanticism. It is often used to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and other romantic occasions.

Decorative Use: The Kissing Couple motif is commonly found on various decorative items, including tiles, Delftware pottery, figurines, and even wall art. These items are collected by tourists and locals alike as souvenirs and keepsakes.

Historical Origins: The origins of the Old Dutch Kissing Couple as a decorative motif can be traced back to Dutch art and culture. It is inspired by the romantic themes found in Dutch Golden Age paintings, which often depicted scenes of everyday life and love.

Tourist Attraction: In the Netherlands, you can often find the Kissing Couple motif on souvenirs and decorative items sold in tourist shops. It has become an iconic representation of Dutch culture and is popular among visitors to the country.

Cultural Significance: While the Kissing Couple is not a historical figure or a specific work of art, it has cultural significance as a symbol of Dutch romanticism and heritage. This image is a charming and enduring representation of love and Dutch cultural traditions, and it continues to be a popular and recognizable symbol in the Netherlands and beyond.

Tip: Vist the Kissing Couple XXXL world famous and now also to be admired in extra large format. They form a cheerful landmark on the bicycle route between Sloterdijk / Amsterdam Center and Zaanstad, which more and more cyclists use every day. The sculptures cheer up the place where cyclists wait at the Hempont, boats sail by and people work. They call for sharing love. 

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