Discover de legacy of Piet Mondrians Yellow-Blue-Red Compositions!

Step into the vibrant world of Piet Mondrian's artistic brilliance as we explore the iconic "Compositions Yellow, Blue, Red." Painted in 1937-42, this series is a culmination of Mondrian's lifelong quest to distill art to its purest essence, a visual testament to the principles of Neoplasticism.

In each composition, Mondrian masterfully arranges primary colors in bold geometric forms, creating a harmonious dance of lines and rectangles. The deliberate use of yellow, blue, and red against a white background reflects Mondrian's belief in the universal significance of these colors, transcending cultural and individual boundaries.

"Compositions Yellow, Blue, Red" is more than a series of paintings; it's a visual philosophy. Mondrian, a pioneer of De Stijl movement, sought to convey a universal harmony through abstraction. Each canvas is a reflection of his meticulous exploration of form and color, a manifestation of his belief that art could tap into a spiritual and emotional realm.

As you engage with these compositions, the precision in Mondrian's lines and the balance in his color choices invite contemplation. It's an invitation to connect with the fundamental language of art, to appreciate beauty distilled to its purest form. The enduring allure of "Compositions Yellow, Blue, Red" lies in its ability to resonate beyond its time, inspiring viewers to perceive the world through Mondrian's lens. It's a testament to the transformative power of abstraction, where simplicity becomes a gateway to profound aesthetic experiences.

In our "Memory of Holland" collection, we feature several beautiful gift sets inspired by Mondrian's iconic yellow-blue-red compositions.

MONDRIAN, Compositions, Yellow-Blue-Red, Luxury Gift Set


The Gift Set contains the following products:

  • Expresso Set, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan
  • Mug, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan
  • Tea Towel, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan
  • Set: 6 Coasters, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan
  • IZY Thermos Mug, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan
  • Magnetic Bookmark, Composition with Yellow-Blue-Red, Mondriaan 
MONDRIAN, Compositions, Yellow-Blue-Red Luxury Gift Set