"The delightful history of Dutch Wilhelmina Peppermint."

Wilhelmina Peppermints, also known as "Wilhelmina pepermunt" in Dutch, is a brand of peppermint candies with historical significance in the Netherlands. The candies are named after Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who reigned from 1890 to 1948. The story goes that the candies were created to commemorate Queen Wilhelmina's coronation in 1898. They were developed by Fortuin, a Dutch confectionery company that was established in 1842. The candies were initially crafted as a special treat to celebrate the occasion and were given out to children during the coronation festivities. The candies were an immediate hit, thanks to their refreshing peppermint flavor and the royal connection. The Queen's image was embossed on the candy, making it a popular and recognizable sweet across the country. Over the years, Wilhelmina Peppermints became an iconic Dutch candy, enjoyed by generations of people both in the Netherlands and beyond. The Fortuin company continued to produce these candies, and even after the passing of Queen Wilhelmina, her image remained a symbol of the brand. Wilhelmina Peppermints have endured for over a century and are considered a nostalgic and traditional treat, evoking a sense of history and nostalgia for many.

While the exact recipe for making Wilhelmina Pepermunt is a well-guarded secret of the Fortuin company, which produces these mints, we can provide a general overview of how peppermint candies are typically made:


 1. Sugar: The primary ingredient in peppermint candies is sugar, which is boiled to create a syrup.

2. Corn Syrup: Corn syrup is often used to prevent the sugar from crystallizing during the cooking process.

3. Peppermint Flavoring: Peppermint oil or extract is added to give the candies their characteristic minty flavor.

4. Coloring: Food coloring is sometimes used to give the candies their signature white color.

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