"The classic Dutch Haagsche Hopjes delight."

Haagsche Hopjes, often referred to simply as "hopjes," is a traditional Dutch coffee candy known for its rich coffee flavor. Here's an overview of the history of Haagsche Hopjes:

Origin: Haagsche Hopjes were created in the Netherlands in the early 18th century. The candy is named after The Hague, a city in the Netherlands where it was first made. It was invented by a Dutchman named Baron Hendrik Hop, a coffee importer, who was looking for a way to use up a surplus of coffee beans.

History:Baron Hendrik Hop (Breda, 27 October 1723 - The Hague, 29 April 1808), envoy of the States of Holland. When the French took Brussels in 1792, Hop was recalled to The Hague, where he lived above the confiseur house of the firm Van Haaren & Nieuwerkerk at 92 Lange Voorhout until 1801. The baron was addicted to coffee. The story goes that one evening he left his cup of coffee with sugar and cream on the stove. The next morning, it turned out to be a caramel. Hop really liked those lumps of coffee-flavoured sugar. When his doctor forbade him to drink coffee a short time later, he asked his downstairs neighbour, baker Theodorus van Haaren, to make those 'lumps of coffee' for him. They were soon called 'Baron Hop's lumps' and in 1880 were renamed Haagsche Hopjes.

Coffee Connection: Haagsche Hopjes are made with coffee and caramel, and they were originally conceived as a way to enjoy coffee in a portable, candy form. The candies provided a convenient way to have a coffee-like flavor without needing to brew a cup.

Recipe Development: The specific recipe for Haagsche Hopjes was developed by Baron Hop himself. He combined coffee extract with sugar and cream to create the distinctive candy. The combination of the caramel and coffee flavors made Haagsche Hopjes a unique and flavorful treat.

Popularity: Haagsche Hopjes quickly gained popularity in the Netherlands and beyond. They became a favorite among coffee lovers and were often enjoyed alongside a cup of coffee or tea.

Traditional Appearance: Haagsche Hopjes are typically small, hard candies with a dark brown exterior and a creamy, coffee-flavored interior. They are often individually wrapped in a distinctive brown and white checkered paper.

Cultural Significance: Haagsche Hopjes hold cultural significance in the Netherlands and are considered a traditional Dutch candy. They are often enjoyed as a nostalgic treat and are sometimes given as souvenirs to visitors. Today, Haagsche Hopjes remain a cherished Dutch candy with a history that reflects the ingenuity of Baron Hendrik Hop and the enduring love for coffee-flavored sweets in Dutch culture.

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