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For more information about shipping costs, please look at our Shipping policy

No, we don't offer free shipping costs.

We ship to almost every country in the world. For more information see our Shipping Policy page.

Go to our partner vatfree.com to create your claim.

Do I qualify for tax-free shopping? 

Yes, provided you ship or take your purchases to a non-EU country.

Did you know that you can get a VAT refund and save money on your purchases in our shop? You can save more than 15% if you export the goods to a non-EU country!

You can export goods:

These are the conditions:

  • The goods are for personal use (not for a company)
  • You export the goods to a country outside the EU
  • You export the goods within three months after the month of purchase or delivery;
  • You order for a minimum purchase amount per day. In the Netherlands, this is €50 including VAT (so you can add up multiple receipts from one day if one receipt is under €50).

Your VAT refund claim will be handled by our partner vatfree.com. Submit your refund claim via the vatfree.com app or website. Keep the purchase receipt, you will be asked for a picture of the receipt and some documents such as your (masked) passport and shipping receipt.

"We deliver the goods DDU." (DDU stands for Delivered Duty Unpaid, indicating that the seller covers the costs of transport to the destination but not the import duties or taxes.)

For more information about returns and exchange see our Returns and Exchanges Policy

When the parcel is shipped, we will send you the track and trace code.

You can track your parcel at www.internationalparceltracking.com

If you need additional information please contact us at info@memoryofbox.com

*Please note we are unable to make changes regarding delivery after an order has already processed and shipped.

Each MOB product’s nutritional facts and ingredients and allergy list can be found on the About our products page.

Each MOB product’s nutritional facts and ingredients and allergy list can be found on the About our products page.

We do not offer samples of MOB products.

Our products are like any other packaged product on the market! Once opened, they will stay fresh depending on which type of product it is, how well they are sealed, and the temperature at which they are kept in the fridge.

To make any changes to an existing order, or to cancel an order, please contact us within 1 hour of placing order at: info@memoryofbox.com

Once an order has been shipped, we cannot make any changes or cancellations.

If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing your Memory of Box account, please send us an email to info@memoryofbox.com and we will be happy to help.

Memory of box products are sold on our online Shop

For all wholesale inquiries, please email us at info@memoryofbox.com