Mondrian , Luxury Mug & Tray set

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  • Mug, Composition with Yellow, Blue, Red, Mondrian
  • Tray, Composition with Yellow, Blue, Red, Mondrian
Mug & Tray Set, Composition with Yellow, Blue, Red, Mondrian

Elevate your coffee and tea experience with our exclusive Mondrian's Composition Yellow, Blue, and Red mug and tray set. Crafted from beautiful porcelain, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, packaged stylishly in cardboard. Please note that the dishwasher-safe tray is not suitable for the microwave. Immerse yourself in art with every sip.


Mug: porcelain

Height 95 mm x Diameter 82 mm

content 410 ml

Box: 110 x 87 x 110

225 grams


Tray: Melamine

21 x 14 cm

+/- 90 grams


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